Bowling Center Marketing Tips: Make Every Touchpoint Matter

bowling center marketing tips

Branding your bowling center goes far beyond the colors in your logo. It even goes beyond what your customers experience when they come to your center to bowl. Your branding and your audience’s perception of your center starts from the first digital interaction. Your brand is established the first time your customers visit your website or engage with your social posts.

Today, most people search online before visiting a new place to have fun. They do their research, weighing bowling centers against theme parks, against movie theaters and rock climbing. People research and read reviews before deciding on their destination.

With that in mind, it’s important to pay attention to your website and social media presence. Consider your website your digital storefront. Does it represent who you are?

There’s no need to be everything to everyone. You should have a niche. Research shows targeting specific customers and interests is the surefire way to attract loyal customers. In fact, the most successful bowling centers cater towards families with young children or toward the bar crowd looking for a swanky night out.

Whatever your audience, it’s important to pay attention to your branding from all possible touchpoints, including your website, your marketing materials, and ultimately your bowling center.

Start Online

The first visit to your bowling website should give customers an idea of the kind of business you are. Are your bowling centers more attractive to families, with lots of activities for kids, or do you promote late night activities and drink specials? (In some cases, it’s okay to be both! Simply address the right people on the right topics.)

Think of every contact with your customers as an opportunity to reveal who you are. When you send an email, make sure the voice is appropriate. When you share to social media, is it clear who you are talking to? Every interaction is a chance to make a good impression.

Great customer service starts before the customer arrives. Look out for emails, social messages, and comments from customers. Reply to complaints as quickly and honestly as you can. Facebook gives you a chance to showcase how much you care!

Impress When They Arrive

When the customer moves from your digital world to your physical location, the transition should feel seamless. There should be no surprises. Families with young children shouldn’t be shocked when they arrive and find a club-like atmosphere!

For family atmospheres, the music should be appropriate, and guests should refrain from smoking and excessive drinking. Offer affordable dining options for big families and picky kids, or nicer treats for a night out. If you attract a kid-free crowd out for late night fun, establish an atmosphere like a fun nightclub.

Whatever the case, remember that customers want an all-in-one experience. That means they’re looking for arcade games, laser tag, or pool and darts on top of bowling. Customers want to enjoy food and drinks without having to leave.

Now Delight Them

Your interactions don’t end when your customers bowl the last frame. A few days after their bowling reservation, follow up with an email asking for a review and offering to help if the experience wasn’t up to their expectations. Now that you have their information in your CRM, you can continue to email them and to send them specials and coupons. Your goal now is to make them remember the wonderful experience they had and to entice them to come back.

Every touchpoint should be valuable. Your brand is all about being a fun destination, right? Let that infuse your messaging even when you’re promoting your bowling center.

If you are using Hubspot, the top marketing automation software, use Smart Content to customize each customer’s’ experience. Smart Content allows you to show them site content specific to them. For example, now that you know they’ve already booked a lane with you, you can tailor the content to a returning bowler.

Need help making sure that every brand touchpoint reflects your core mission and offers value and delight to your customers? We’re happy to take a look at your current marketing and identify ways to improve and grow.

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