How to Reach New Customers for your FEC

If you promote yourself the same way time and time again, you’ll begin to lose traction. Before that happens, change up your marketing tactics. To reach new (and more!) FEC customers, take on these tried and true tactics. Cultivate Referral Links Getting your name and website onto sites that potential customers frequent is a good

Why You Should Abandon the Boost and Try Facebook Ads Instead

Facebook is a must-have tool in your marketing strategy. It’s a powerful resource to reach your audience on a social media platform they use every day.

With recent algorithm changes and updates, in order to get your message in front of your fans you have to spend money. But what’s the best way to get the most return on your budget? Boosting posts have their place, but Facebook Ads is where you’ll see the biggest ROI.

SEO 101: How Do I Show Up on the Map Box?

When you Google your industry and see your competitors pop up, you’re probably wondering how they got there. Or, if you used to show up, you’re probably worried why you’ve suddenly gone missing.

Google changes their algorithm frequently, sending your rankings haywire. While there’s not always a clear answer to how the changes will affect you, there are some things you can do to lessen the damage.

How to Use Facebook Events to Amplify Your FEC Promotions

You’ve been posting regularly to your Facebook page. You’re using Facebook Ads to your advantage to make up for the difficulty getting organic engagement from your fans. Now, let’s talk about Facebook Events.

Facebook Events give you the chance to send an event invitation to everyone who likes your page—and then some. And if you have a limited time promotion coming up or a new event, it’s the perfect place to promote it.

How to Set Up Facebook Audiences to Promote Your FEC

When you’re trying to increase revenue at your family entertainment center remember this one thing: Everyone is on Facebook. With over 2 billion active users Facebook is a powerful social media platform you can leverage to attract guests.

But Facebook doesn’t want to give their audience away for free.

Along with being a social platform, Facebook is also a top-notch advertising tool which, when used correctly, can grow your business quickly. Building better targeting audiences is instrumental to success. Here’s how you do it.

Track These Digital Marketing KPIs in 2018

As you step into the new year, take some time to evaluate your marketing efforts for your family entertainment center. In addition to traditional marketing efforts (such as ads or mailers), there are a number of digital marketing strategies you have probably already incorporated into your overall scheme. Here are some of the most important digital marketing key performance indicators (or KPIs) you should be tracking in 2018.

How to Get More Corporate Party Leads at Your Family Entertainment Center

Everyone looks forward to corporate parties, but some venues can fall a little flat in the “fun” department. This is why your family entertainment center can be the perfect destination for the businesses and organizations in your area. You can provide a fun venue for local businesses, and keep them coming back. Here’s how to

How to Bring in More Holiday Party Leads

During the holiday season, corporate parties bring in a major revenue boost for family entertainment centers. Capitalize on the need for corporate holiday venues by making sure you get in front of your best customers early in the season, and for those last-minute planners. Here’s how to bring in more holiday party leads, fast.

IAAPA: How to Book More Birthday Parties at your FEC

IAAPA: How to Book More Birthday Parties at your FEC

Marketing for family entertainment centers revolves around birthday parties, right?  Even if they’re a small percentage of revenue (we learned that birthdays should account for between 15-20% of total revenue for FECs), they drive repeat business and build awareness for casual and walk-up business too. They’re vital.  

Here are some of my favorite takeaways that will help you book more birthday parties.