Give Your Entertainment Center’s Upcoming Event an Added Boost with Facebook Events

If you could put your family entertainment center’s event directly on someone’s calendar, you’d do it, right? With Facebook Events, you actually can! Here’s why you should use them to market your family entertainment center and how to do it successfully.

Why You Should Use Facebook Events

Facebook Events are a quick way to get your special or event in front of a large audience. It’s free, easy to use, and it’s already a part of your Facebook account.

When you create a Facebook Event, it automatically publishes a post to your page announcing it. Then, as people respond with Going or Interested, the event will be shared with all of their friends. This is what allows you to reach far more people than you might with a typical post.

There are a few other places your event will show up, like Facebook’s event page and within search. And for some people, Facebook events pair directly with their smart phone’s calendar.

How to Create a Facebook Event People Will Attend

Fill it out completely.

Each section is an opportunity for you to draw in attendees. Not only that, but the more information you provide, like the date, location, and tags, the easier it will be for others to find your event.

After the date, the most important part of your event is the location. Don’t just use your address, make sure to use your page as the location. This way, Facebook will recommend it to nearby users.

Add updates.

Whenever you update the page, those who have said they will attend or that they are interested will be notified. This is a smart way to keep the event at the forefront of their mind and to keep them excited about attending.

Make sure everyone can post.

Keep the event open to everyone by setting it as Public. When users ask a question or make a comment on the event, its reach goes even further. Other people who have subscribed to the event will be notified of the activity.

Share it frequently.

Share the event on your Facebook page frequently, and every day as the event nears. Just get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

Boost it.

Just as you would boost an important post, you can boost your event. And just as boosting posts gives it a larger reach, boosting an event will do the same.

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