Bowling Alley Marketing: Tips for Drumming Up Interest in Leagues

Bowling Alley Marketing Tips for Drumming Up Interest in Leagues

Bowling leagues are super fun ways for families and friends to stay active, have fun, and compete with each other in a cool indoor environment. If you’re hoping to round up more interest for leagues at your family entertainment center, add these bowling league marketing ideas to your efforts to keep league participation high and encourage new groups to sign up.

Promote Your Current Leagues

You have a ton of options right at your fingertips for bowling league marketing, and most don’t take a heaps of effort or loads of manpower. Some are even as easy as adding in a few lines in an email or uploading a photo to your social media accounts.  

Promote Via Email Newsletter

First, make an effort to promote your current leagues to your regular (and potential) customers by adding info about bowling leagues to your email newsletters. Include regular league bowling days and times, special league nights, and tournaments and their results. Don’t forget to include info on how to sign up for a league for those who may be interested.

Take Your Bowling Leagues to Social Media

You can also use your social media accounts to promote your current leagues. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have super easy tools that make pic sharing simple — use that to your advantage. Take shots of your league bowlers in action and hashtag the heck out of them (try #bowling, #bowl, #makingfriends, #tenpin, #bowlingnight, #10pin, #league, #strike, #spare). Also, if you know their social media handle, make sure you tag your league players — they may do some promotion for you as they share (and reshare) your posts.

Promote at Your Bowling Center

Bowling league marketing can also be easily put together right at your center. One way to generate interest while supporting your current leagues is to post league bowling times in a conspicuous place in your center — and make sure to highlight ongoing points competition. Think bulletin boards with an eye-catching way to keep track of progress — this not only keeps active league players engaged, but it attracts the attention of casual bowlers who may be inspired to create or join a league.

If your bowling center hands out trophies or prizes, you can also make room on your walls to share or display that info. This will not only pique the interest of the occasional bowler but will show your more competitive bowlers that you have a good program as well.

Also, for a different sort of bowling league marketing, consider having league-specific nights — not only to give evening space to your leagues but to drum up interest from those who spontaneously bowl. If there are several lanes reserved for leagues on popular nights, particularly if it’s paired with a fun theme night such as neon bowling or 50s bowling, it may lead to more enthusiasm for those who may want the competition of a bowling league.

Bowling leagues are fun, and they’re not just for the hardcore bowlers. Families, friends, co-workers … they can all have a little extra fun in a bowling league. With a little virtual elbow grease and some careful planning, it’s pretty easy to do some extra bowling league marketing and make your center the place to be for bowling leagues.

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