Why You Can’t Afford Not to Live-Stream from Your Bowling Center

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Live-Stream from Your Bowling Center

Live video is the center of a race between social media platforms to become the biggest and the best. What does that mean for bowling center marketing? You need to catch that momentum!

Live-streaming video gives bowling alleys the opportunity to provide a sneak peek or give viewers a behind the scenes look. It gives a potential bowler the ability to picture themselves having fun, and that inspires them to come in and enjoy everything your bowling center has to offer. This isn’t a strategy you need to overthink. Capture candid moments with your employees and other bowlers. Live social video doesn’t have to be scripted. In fact, it’s better when it’s not.

Not sure how to make live video part of your digital marketing strategy? Start with the next event or special your bowling alley hosts. Present a quick how-to bowling demonstration or spotlight the different leagues that frequent your location.

The Value in Live-Streaming Video

Videos capture attention quickly and drive a faster response from viewers. Viewers are 85% more likely to make a purchase after viewing a product video and will be 57% more confident in their purchase, especially if you are demonstrating how to use the product within the video.

Video is also highly shareable. Social videos, on average, generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined. That is a large potential to reach new bowlers and bowling party planners!

Where to Create Live-Streaming Videos

Several platforms now offer the ability to stream video live. As you integrate live streaming video into your digital marketing plan, here are a few platforms to compare:

  • Facebook Live – Share real-time events with Facebook followers. The newest update allows you to pre-schedule live videos so you can build a buzz around it before it happens.
  • Periscope – Viewers can give immediate feedback and interact while the live video stream is in progress
  • Snapchat – Offers a variety of communication tools within the platform including video calls which can enhance engagement. Snapchat content does not get stored in a library, so it is more suitable for quick interactions
  • UStream – Includes a lead generation and capture software system to track subscriber list and ad opportunities for the audience.
  • YouTube Live – Integrates with YouTube channels, so the live stream will automatically upload onto the designated channel once it is complete.
  • Twitter Live – Your live video lives in a designated tweet that’s published once the video begins. If you have a Periscope account linked to your Twitter account, you can unlock more features as well.

Live-stream video platforms help your bowling alley develop trust and credibility and capture the micro-moments that keep patrons coming back. Any moment can make an impact, whether it’s an expert showing off their perfect record or a child bowling without bumper rails for the first time.

Challenge yourself to live stream your bowling center today. It’s a new and refreshing way to engage with your audience.

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