Use Seasonality to Market Your Bowling Alley

Use Seasonality to Market Your Bowling Alley

From spring break to the winter holidays, there are plenty of opportunities to use seasonality in marketing your bowling center. The key to capitalizing on bowling alley seasonality trends and holidays is building them into your marketing strategy ahead of time.

Know the seasons of your business.

Bowling alleys, like other family entertainment centers, have peak times of the year for business. Review your previous year’s sales and your website analytics to which seasons and holidays line up with your busiest times of the year. Perhaps the 4th of July inspires families to enjoy one of America’s greatest pastimes, or maybe the first freeze of winter brings people in from the cold.

Create keywords and calendars.

Knowing the seasons of your business will help you create a list of seasonal keywords you can leverage in your marketing content. It can also help you develop a marketing calendar, so you can make sure your seasonal content is available in advance.

Get ahead of the competition with seasonal content.

Now that you know the seasonal peaks for your bowling center, you can use seasonal keywords to outrank your competition in search engines and attract even more business. Create and publish blogs and other content that use key seasonal terms before that season or holiday hits.

Offer seasonal promotions and events.

Whether it’s a March Madness deal or a Halloween-themed cosmic bowling party, you can draw more crowds by creating promotions and special events around holidays and peak seasons. Be sure to use your seasonal keywords when promoting these specials to maximize their reach.  

Experiment with seasonality to drive visitors during lulls, too.

Seasonal keywords, content, and events will help you make the most of your busiest times of the year, but you can also experiment with seasonal marketing to drive customers during slower times, too. Test digital advertising campaigns for your bowling center with seasonal keywords and add seasonal content during these times, and measure to see if your business picks up.

Share the fun with social.

Social media is the perfect place to share seasonal content. It’s also the ideal platform for having a conversation with fans and customers about the season or holiday. Create buzz around your upcoming Back-to-School Bowl-a-Thon by sharing updates, photos, and videos on your social media outlets. Invite your customers to get in on the fun by tagging your bowling alley in their selfies.

Let us help.

If you’re unsure how your bowling center marketing efforts are working, it’s okay. Let us help. We’re experts in developing bowling alley marketing strategies that work. We take known bowling alley seasonality trends and use them to our advantage.

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