Ways Your Mini Golf Center Can Take A Swing At The Competition

Ways Your Mini Golf Center Can Take A Swing At The Competition

Mini golf centers are loads of fun for people of all ages. While your mini golf center may get its share of business, there are a few marketing tactics that can help yours can stand out from the rest.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

One tool modern-day mini golf centers have that those of yesteryear did not is social media. With nothing more than a smartphone and a few apps, you can connect with your customers, fans and future patrons in an instant.

Make a plan to share updates, specials, photos, new attractions — and even your snack bar menu — on a bevy of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If juggling a number of apps seems too complicated, turn to a social media marketing tool like HootSuite, where you can post to several platforms simultaneously.

In addition to posting specific specials and other updates designed to get people to your mini golf center, take candid photos of people and families enjoying your amenities. Showcase happy customers having tons of fun playing mini golf. Take a few moments and interview a customer or two every day or so to let your fans in on what makes your mini golf center the place to be.

Email Marketing Strategy

Another easy marketing tactic involves promoting your mini golf center via email. If you don’t have an email marketing newsletter, now’s the time to get one started. Put a signup sheet at your front desk to start building your email marketing list, and also make good use of your social media presence for the same purpose — occasionally, post a link that your followers can use to sign up for your email newsletters.

As far as newsletter content goes, consider this as an opportunity to share things that are a little more in depth than a tweet or an Instagram shot. Include bits about your upcoming hours (especially if there are holidays or other events coming up that will alter your regular times), fun events, and best of all, discounts — people will be more likely to sign up for your newsletter if you promise special package deals or special pricing for subscribers.

Special Promotions

In addition to specific marketing techniques that utilize modern networking and connections, spend a little time brainstorming special promotions that will add even more allure to your mini golf course.

One idea might be to add a rotating scavenger hunt to your course. Every few weeks (perhaps monthly), let your customers try to find specific items throughout your course, and when they complete it, offer a small inexpensive prize. This will add an additional layer of awesome to your course and will likely keep players coming back every month.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of holidays or city-wide celebrations that can be a brilliant marketing tie-in to your mini golf center. Extended hours or special additions to your course can bring your customers back for more.

Tie it All Together

No matter what marketing you do for your mini golf center, it’s really easy to tie everything together. For example, post about your monthly scavenger hunt on Facebook and Twitter, take an Instagram photo of one of the items, and include it in your newsletter.

Keep these tips in mind and help your mini golf center rise above the competition.

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