How to Use Facebook Events to Amplify Your FEC Promotions

You’ve been posting regularly to your Facebook page. You’re using Facebook Ads to your advantage to make up for the difficulty getting organic engagement from your fans. Now, let’s talk about Facebook Events.

Facebook Events give you the chance to send an event invitation to everyone who likes your page—and then some. And if you have a limited time promotion coming up or a new event, it’s the perfect place to promote it.

Track These Digital Marketing KPIs in 2018

As you step into the new year, take some time to evaluate your marketing efforts for your family entertainment center. In addition to traditional marketing efforts (such as ads or mailers), there are a number of digital marketing strategies you have probably already incorporated into your overall scheme. Here are some of the most important digital marketing key performance indicators (or KPIs) you should be tracking in 2018.

IAAPA: How to Book More Birthday Parties at your FEC

IAAPA: How to Book More Birthday Parties at your FEC

Marketing for family entertainment centers revolves around birthday parties, right?  Even if they’re a small percentage of revenue (we learned that birthdays should account for between 15-20% of total revenue for FECs), they drive repeat business and build awareness for casual and walk-up business too. They’re vital.  

Here are some of my favorite takeaways that will help you book more birthday parties.