How to Build a Better Email List for your Bowling Alley

Email List for Bowling Alley


A key approach to boosting your customer base and encouraging repeat business is through strategic email campaigns. Why? Because thoughtfully constructed emails allow you to nurture your connection with your customers. With the right content, sent to the right people, at the right time, your email campaign will pay dividends.

So how do you build a better email list for your bowling center?

First, Let’s Think About Where You Are Now.

Assuming you already have an email list, the first step is to assess the quality of your list. Make sure those emails are legitimate, voluntarily given, and accurate.

Next, Goals!

The bigger the email list, the better. Right? Not necessarily. Always take quality over quantity.

Identify who you want to receive your emails, and who is likely to respond to them. Ask yourself what about bowling appeals to them and how your emails will be of value to them.

A few examples of would-be email targets for your bowling center’s marketing program:

  • Email sign-ups by customers visiting your bowling alley
  • Organic search consumers who found your website through your compelling inbound web and social media content
  • Email forwards — because your content, deals, and vibe to your existing base are that good!

Make It Easy to Sign Up

No matter how your people find you, be it in person or online (it’s most likely to be online), make it easy for them to volunteer their email (and give them a reason to want to!) with your calls to action:

  • Provide electronic and/or paper means to register in person at your bowling center.
  • Prominently feature your “sign up” buttons or access points on your website (don’t overdo it, just enough to make it easy).
  • Bowling blog — invite your ideal customers to keep in the loop via your inbound marketing campaigns.

Earn It and Keep It

A better email list grows from a list of engaged readers. Here’s how you earn a quality and growing list of active readers — who, if your campaign is on point, will become repeat customers!

    • Quality First
      Make sure your content is well-written, lively, and meaningful to your customers. Provide useful tips to help them improve their game, for example.
    • Follow an Informed Strategy and Schedule
      Your topics should be relevant, compelling and insight a call to action…with just the right number of emails.
    • Brand Your Email Experience
      Make sure you have a quality email template that positively reinforces your bowling center marketing strategy, your brand, and your customer experience.

Navigating the world of email marketing for your bowling alley can be a challenge, especially if you have multiple responsibilities on your shoulders as you manage your business. Consider using an email marketing automation service like Hubspot or engaging a marketing team that knows your industry.

Ready to build a strong email list? We can show you how!