Have Birthday Party Bookings Been Stagnant or Declining?

Birthday Party Bookings

If your family entertainment center provides birthday party packages, have you noticed bookings are down as of late? If the number of bookings are declining, it is time for you to revisit your marketing strategy. Here are a few ways you can improve your birthday party bookings.  

Birthday Party Package Promotion

How are you promoting your birthday party packages? If birthday party bookings are down, it may be due to the simple fact that your customers don’t know about them. If your birthday party packages are listed on an obscure page of your website, for example, chances are they’re not getting the exposure you need to get booked up.

Take a minute every week or so to mention your party packages on your center’s Facebook page or Twitter account. Include a line (and a link) in your regular email newsletters. Have a bulletin board behind your cash register with a visible sign about birthday parties, and hand out flyers to departing customers.

Birthday Party Booking Incentives

Birthday party bookings make a parent’s work on party day easier. Which, is a pretty good motivator for moms and dads on the go. But, if there is an added incentive, that can really spark their interest.

Incentives for the birthday boy or girl can include a free visit or game on a future date, extra tokens to be used during the party or a special gift. While small, these gestures matter to parents who are looking for the best birthday value at a family entertainment center.

For the rest of the birthday party attendees, something as simple as a birthday party sticker can make them feel special, or offer small inexpensive tokens they can take away with them when they leave (such as custom printed pencils).

Why Should Patrons Book a Party With You?

Another area within your marketing strategy that you should examine is why your customers would want to book a birthday party at your establishment. What do you offer your birthday party guests? Is there a private party room on-site? Do you offer bare bones packages as well as all-inclusive parties? Can just about anyone afford to book a party with you, or are they all high dollar endeavors that are out of reach?

And most importantly, are all these packages and options clearly spelled out on your website? If your website is cluttered, overwhelming, has sketchy navigation or there is no clear contact information, then parents have little reason to plan a birthday party at your locale. Your website may need a small overhaul, clear navigational links to your party package page, and an easy way for parents to contact you.

Get Those Bookings Up

Birthday party bookings are often a key component of family entertainment center success. If you’ve noticed your bookings are a little down this year, or you’re not seeing the growth in this area that you would like, take a few moments and examine your marketing schemes. A few changes here and there can bring more parents — and happy kids — to your doorstep.

Want to increase the number of birthday party bookings at your center? Let's review your marketing strategy!