How to Reach New Customers for your FEC

If you promote yourself the same way time and time again, you’ll begin to lose traction. Before that happens, change up your marketing tactics. To reach new (and more!) FEC customers, take on these tried and true tactics.

Cultivate Referral Links

Getting your name and website onto sites that potential customers frequent is a good way to expose yourself to new people. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get listed on online directories. Oftentimes, online directories offer a place to submit your business for free, as well as a paid option to increase your visibility.

Which you choose is up to you, and it will often require testing different sites and opportunities to find the most fruitful source. This tactic will help your site’s SEO. The more like you have on other sites pointing back to you, the higher your Google ranking.

Send Press Releases

Do you donate to local charities? Host fundraisers? Give away your services to those in need? Does a local celebrity patronize your center? Any of these stories have the possibility of being newsworthy with the right angle.

Write a press release and reach out to local stations, newspapers and PR distribution services. Consumers like to know their money is going towards companies that work for positive change.

Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Research what keywords have potential, and then produce website content to target the people searching for those keywords. Are there homeschooling groups in your area that you can market to? Is your facility near an airport, and could you attract people with delayed flights or long layovers?

Consider demographics. If there is a large population of people who speak a language other than English, consider making landing pages and ads that cater towards them. When you review your current clientele and who is NOT coming to your entertainment center, you’ll be surprised at all the opportunities there are to attract new customers.

Run Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

With changes to Facebook and Google’s organic reach, you MUST invest in digital ads. Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are two of the most popular options for online advertising. We’ve written extensively on Facebook Ads (read this article on setting them up, or this one on custom audiences).

Facebook Ads can be challenging, but once you grasp some basic practices you can implement effective campaigns. The benefit of Facebook Ads is that you can create highly targeted messages to specific segmented audiences. For example, if you want to bring in a younger, late night crowd, create messages that target characteristics shared by demographic.

Through Google Adwords, target keywords related to your business and attract people to your center who are looking for fun family activities. Both require an element of testing, but once you hit a groove you’ll see your new customer list grow.

If you need help implementing any of these tactics, give us a call! We’re happy to work with you to grow your family entertainment center business.