SEO 101: How Do I Show Up on the Map Box?

When you Google your industry and see your competitors pop up, you’re probably wondering how they got there. Or, if you used to show up, you’re probably worried why you’ve suddenly gone missing.

Google changes their algorithm frequently, sending your rankings haywire. While there’s not always a clear answer to how the changes will affect you, there are some things you can do to lessen the damage.

What’s the Google 3-Pack?

It used to be the Google 7-Pack, and sometimes the 5-Pack. Now, Google only shows 3 businesses in the Map Box, making it exponentially more difficult for businesses to make it.

But even if you don’t see yourself in the top 3, it doesn’t mean that other people aren’t. The companies that display in the map box are constantly in rotation depending on the searcher’s location (known from the IP address).

How do I show up in the map box?

Before you freak out about not appearing in Google’s Map Box on the first page, you should know that most users navigate to the full map view to find a company. Others ignore the map box altogether and explore the organic search results below it. With that said, appearing in the first few results of the Map Box is beneficial to your company, and the steps you should take to get yourself there are important for your rankings overall.

Review Your Google My Business Account

It’s imperative that your Google My Business account is fully filled out if you ever want to rank highly in Google’s eyes. Make sure you keep it up-to-date if your hours or phone numbers change.

Asking happy customers to leave reviews is also a good idea. This way when potential customers do find you, they’ll be more likely to go to you for business than someone with no reviews at all.

Check Your Local Listings

Having a consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) also helps your rankings. It’s also a good customer service tool—you don’t have to frustrate the customer with multiple phone numbers and addresses before they even try to contact you.

It’s easy to keep all your local listings consistent and up-to-date with our local SEO services.

Don’t Neglect Social Media

While Google says they don’t use social media as a ranking factor, it does impact your rankings. Confusing? It’s Google, of course it’s confusing! So while they claim there’s no correlation, all of the top Google pages have a much larger social signal that those that rank lower.

It’s worth it to pay attention to your social accounts whether they have any impact or not. Plus, social can generate backlinks—our next point.

Build (Quality) Backlinks

Building quality backlinks is a part of any great SEO strategy. The more quality, relevant links you have pointing towards your site, the more Google will view you as an authority and your rankings will increase.

Good luck!

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