How to Use Facebook Events to Amplify Your FEC Promotions

You’ve been posting regularly to your Facebook page. You’re using Facebook Ads to your advantage to make up for the difficulty getting organic engagement from your fans. Now, let’s talk about Facebook Events.

Facebook Events give you the chance to send an event invitation to everyone who likes your page—and then some. And if you have a limited time promotion coming up or a new event, it’s the perfect place to promote it.

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Optimize your event for mobile users

The majority of Facebook users are scrolling through their newsfeed on their phones. Make sure your cover photo is the right size for the small screen, and that your event title is short enough that it doesn’t get cut off. The fewer clicks a user has to make, the better. Entice people to click “Interested” without requiring them to click through to the event page.


Share your event

When you first create your event, Facebook gives you a boost by letting your fans know. After that, you’re on your own. Keep interest high by frequently sharing the event and encouraging people to hit “interested.” When your Facebook followers RSVP to your event, it will show their Facebook friends that they are interested in the event and continue to share throughout their web of friends.

Send notifications—but not too many

Once a Facebook user says they are interested in an event, you can send updates directly to their notifications by posting within the Facebook event. Only post what is absolutely necessary—time changes, schedule updates, etc. Facebook will automatically notify attending guests when an event is starting soon, and you don’t want them to get annoyed and turn off notifications.

Boost your Facebook Events

While you should consider setting up a Facebook Ad for your event, you can also boost the event page itself. This will get it in front of more eyes, which in turn leads to more people seeing your event, RSVPing, and then sharing with their friends. When you spend money to boost your event, it’s especially important that it’s optimized for web to increase the amount of people who want to attend.

Good luck with your event!