How to Get More Corporate Party Leads at Your Family Entertainment Center

Everyone looks forward to corporate parties, but some venues can fall a little flat in the “fun” department.

This is why your family entertainment center can be the perfect destination for the businesses and organizations in your area. You can provide a fun venue for local businesses, and keep them coming back. Here’s how to put your business on the radar for those looking to book a corporate party.

Why a family entertainment center makes a great venue

Sure, anyone can book a private dining room in a restaurant for their corporate party, but once everyone has eaten their food, then there’s not much else to do. That’s where your family entertainment center comes in. Corporate parties are a great way for employees to come together, build rapport and have a good time. Let’s look at a few ways to market your business for this very thing.

Party packages

Party packages aren’t just for the birthday boy or girl. You can, in addition to your kid’s birthday party packages, tailor packages specifically for corporate adult guests with just a few tweaks.

There are a few options that can make your business more attractive for these types of parties. If you have a private room, of course, make that available for booking, but also leave off typical kid activities that grown-ups may not be interested in (money booth, birthday hat, etc.). Put together a menu from your snack bar (alcohol optional), offer arcade cards or tokens, and let them use a few bowling lanes for the duration of the party.

Just because someone is an adult doesn’t mean they don’t like to play, so make sure you include playing time in the party package.

TIP: You can attract company parties to your center using many of the same ways you attract other parties—just change the messaging! Read up on our advice for bringing in more holiday parties, and apply it to your corporate parties.

Digital marketing

You have an email list (right?) and social media accounts, so the perfect marketing strategy is right there in front of you. Mention corporate party packages in your email newsletters, and don’t forget to take advantage of your social media accounts.

Do more than simply putting up a link on Facebook or Twitter that directs your fans to your party package webpage. Take it a step further and snap pics of a party in action with a call to action to book a party.

Social is becoming more and more of a pay to play platform every day. Run targeted ads on Facebook or LinkedIn (try both to find the most successful outlet!). Target the people who will be booking parties, like HR managers and office administrators. Don’t forget to retarget those who have already visited your family entertainment center website.

Provide booking incentives

People love a good deal. Provide incentives for booking. For example, if a party package includes 20 attendees, squeeze in two more for free if the party is booked a month in advance. Offer a free pitcher of soda if a party platter is purchased. Throw in more arcade cards.

Set up automated emails to create a sense of urgency for corporate leads in your funnel who haven’t booked a party yet.

Keep them coming back

Repeat business books early and markets for you. Ensure repeat business but improving your operations and customer service. Delighted party guests will tell their friends how much fun they had at your family entertainment center. Networking professionals will mention how easy it was to book a corporate party, how much fun the party was, and what a great deal it was. But only if you provide a remarkable experience while they’re in your center.

Aim to delight at every step, and don’t forget bounce back coupons! The parents attending a corporate party may turn to your FEC in the future to book a kid’s birthday party. Again, only if you showed them a great time.

Corporate parties at family entertainment centers can be a blast. Offer party packages specifically for this purpose, showcase your parties on social media and provide booking incentives to keep those bookings coming in. Be remarkable, and people will come back.

If you need help booking more corporate parties or just want some advice, let’s talk!