Track These Digital Marketing KPIs in 2018

As you step into the new year, take some time to evaluate your marketing efforts for your family entertainment center. In addition to traditional marketing efforts (such as ads or mailers), there are a number of digital marketing strategies you have probably already incorporated into your overall scheme. Here are some of the most important digital marketing key performance indicators (or KPIs) you should be tracking in 2018.

Landing page conversions

You should have website content (landing pages) that promote specific offers, promotions, and party packages that drive new customers to your family entertainment center.

As long as you have an offer available, like an email signup button for a newsletter or a coupon for a visit to your center, you can actually measure your landing page visits to conversion rates. This data can help drive your marketing strategies because you’ll see which types of calls-to-action are more likely to result in customer interest. Strive to improve conversion rates throughout the year. This is called conversion optimization, and it should be the cornerstone of any new landing page development.

Facebook engagement

It’s very easy for businesses to establish a presence on Facebook and it can be a valuable component of your inbound marketing strategy. You can post to Facebook from just about any device and draw customer attention with pictures, specials or other posts. But did you know that you can track how well it’s working from within Facebook itself?

Every post you share with your Facebook audience tracks engagement. You’ll see how many people viewed your post and what actions they took (such as a link click or a photo enlargement). Simply clicking “Insights” near the top of your business page will load a wealth of information. You can use this to see what worked and what didn’t, which will help guide future posts that will bring further marketing success.

Email conversions

If you have an email newsletter for your family entertainment center, you can track how well those are performing.

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Many email marketing solutions include information on how the recipient behaves when they receive an email, and this data is valuable to you as you work on your future marketing strategies.

Email conversions can be tracked in many ways, but some of the more valuable insights you will glean from tracking them will be:

  • Open rate (Did your subscriber open the email? Experiment with subject lines to improve this rate.)
  • Click rate (Did your subscriber click on a link? Change the email body copy, images, or buttons to find ways to increase this rate.)
  • Unsubscribe rate (Did your subscriber unsubscribe after receiving your email? Find out why.)
  • Complain rate (Did your subscriber complain to your email marketing host about your email? Think about why your message may have been construed as spam.)

These rates will tell you what is and what isn’t working and will allow you to further carve your marketing strategy so it works the best for you and your family entertainment center.

If you go into this new year with a few key marketing points in mind, you can keep up on what’s working for your business and learn how to slowly improve your digital marketing efforts. Over time, tracking these KPIs will keep you on top of the curve and get more families into your entertainment center.

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