How to Bring in More Holiday Party Leads

During the holiday season, corporate parties bring in a major revenue boost for family entertainment centers. Capitalize on the need for corporate holiday venues by making sure you get in front of your best customers early in the season, and for those last-minute planners.

Here’s how to bring in more holiday party leads, fast.

Attract Party Leads With Facebook Ads

An effective Facebook ad can be put together relatively quickly, and will start getting you results almost immediately. Choose your audience strategically to get the most of your ad spend, and be sure that the landing page you link to is setup to convert. Take time to test out different images and copy to learn what brings in the most bookings.

Leverage Paid Search

Use Google Adwords to target people already searching for holiday parties. These people are ready to book, and can be an easy win. Make sure you add negative keywords, too, to avoid showing your ad to people who aren’t looking for what you offer.

Email Holiday Party Promotions

Your email list is segmented, right? Create a series of emails to send to prospects that invite them to book a party with you. Think of these emails like a funnel—the first introduces them to your parties, the second reminds them and gives helpful party planning tips, and the third closes the deal. Use workflows to remove contacts from the list once they book.

Promote Parties on Your Website

Target existing customers on your website with a popup or slider. These are people who are already familiar with you, and therefore may be more likely to book a party at your entertainment center. Don’t bombard your website visitors, however. If you use a popup, set it to show no more than once during each site visit, and no more than every few visits per customer.

Add Incentives to Holiday Party Promotions

If people aren’t booking parties at the rate you’re looking for, it might be time to add incentives. Extras like a free gift card to use on food and drinks can be enough to make someone decide to book their party with you instead of somewhere else.

Good luck booking those holiday parties! Need some extra help? Let’s talk.