Digital Marketing 101 for Family Entertainment Centers

Digital Marketing 101 for Family Entertainment Centers

These days, it’s not enough to put an ad in a newspaper or a phone book and hope that new customers will come in droves to your family entertainment center. Instead, successful marketing comes from cyberspace — digital marketing is all the rage, as more people get information from their phones, computers and tablets instead of traditional advertising.

Here, we list a few ways you can get in on the digital marketing action, reach new customers and keep your prior customers coming back for more.

Social Media

Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, are all great for keeping up with friends and family. Also? They’re amazing tools for business owners. If you have a social media account, use it. Don’t let your social media accounts linger for weeks without an update. Post random (and candid) pics, videos, note upcoming specials and promote your regular offerings and how much they cost. Social media also makes it easy for your customers to check in when they come to play, and if you don’t have a presence online, it’s a wasted opportunity.

Email Marketing

Another way to reach your customers (and future customers) is via email marketing. This type of digital marketing requires your patrons to sign up, but promises of exclusive deals or specials can boost signups. Don’t forget to promote your email newsletter on social media!

PPC/Search Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is another modern-day digital marketing marvel that translates ads into customers. The most common form (which you’ve probably seen on a regular basis) is search engine advertising. These ads pop up when someone searches for a keyword that is related to a business, and they often appear with the word “sponsored” or “ad.” The business literally pays per click, so every time your ad is clicked on, you pay up and your potential customer visits your website. These ads can be very effective as you can whittle down your target audience to local folks who love to get their fun on.

Social Advertising

Social advertising is booming right now. These ads can display on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and look like the other posts in the feed. Similar to PPC ads, social media advertising appears with a “sponsored” note so those on the platforms know it’s an ad. Use targeting features that allow you to aim at the people you’re hoping to draw in (people in the area, people with families, and so on) and rotate your ads frequently (nobody wants to see the same ads over and over again).

Blogging and Content Creation

Last but not least, establish a blog for your family entertainment center. This can be anything from behind-the-scenes looks at your establishment, to “your story” and how you got started, to plans you’re developing for future fun and games at your locale. This will boost your standings in search engines far more than a simple website that lists your hours and location, and will also increase interest from the public — when people know a “real” person is behind the biz, they’re more likely to be interested in visiting.

Best of all, a successful digital marketing campaign will include different strategies that play off one another. You can tweet or post about a new blog entry, you can include links to your social media profiles in your email newsletters, and you can even direct visitors to your Facebook page via PPC advertising. Make the digital world work for you and you won’t be sorry.

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